happy and peaceful

Grandmaster Wong and all members of Shaolin Wahnam live every day joyfully and peacefully


My body is clearing deep blockages; so, it is challenging and painful, but the end result of all this effort is miraculous.

-- Brian USA


When I mentioned that it took a month for a typical Shaolin Wahnam student to achieve what I achieved in a year when I was a student, many other people might not believe it. As I have often said, that is their problem, but it is true.

I must add that what I accomplished when I was a student was remarkable. At the best when I was a student, I was never sick, and I remained undefeated, the first being the aim of chi kung, and the second being the aim of kungfu or any martial art. But it is true that what a typical Shaolin Wahnam student achieves in a month, I would need a year.

A Shaolin Wahnam student now is more than 10 times my progress when I was a student. That is a lot of progress. If a person earns US$5,000 a month, and another earns US$10,000, that is only 2 times more income.

A main reason for this progress is that we differentiate between skills and techniques. Most people, including many masters, do not make this difference. They believe that if they have the techniques and they practice sufficiently they will have the results.

It is very clear to us now that this is not the case. Let us take the simple task of swimming. Even when a person learns the techniques of swimming, like from a good book or a good video, he can't swim if he does not have the skills. Many people have the techniques of chi kung and kungfu, but they are still weak and sickly, or they cannot use their kungfu techniques for sparring, because they don't have the skills.

Another important reason is that I transmit the skills to students.

The progress of our typical Shaolin Wahnam student is so much and so rapid that it is important to guard against over-training. I suggest that we practice at about 30% or less in a practice session. We shall not get the most of our practice session, but we get the best. If a person in Shaolin Wahnam practices at more than 30%, he may over-train.


Many personal and professional things that I let slide and have put off for years while I focused on my health and healing. I am getting caught up with much of that now, though it is very time consuming and, indeed, expensive.


Health, which includes healing when a person is sick or when he has over-trained, is often mentioned as the first consideration of living. But it is only mentioned, or just paid lip-service to. Many people in Asia, Africa and Latin America sacrifice their health to earn more money. But you live in the richest country in the world, the United States. Health should be your first consideration, not so much when you are young as you are now, but more so when you grow old in age, though still young in health.

But our chi kung gives us good health, vitality and longevity, besides peak performance and spiritual joys, irrespective of ones religion or the lack of it. I am now 75, but I feel younger than those half my age. I practice my chi kung and kungfu everyday -- running, jumping and rolling on the ground.

Our chi kung and kungfu also give us peak performance and spiritual joys. Indeed, that is the reason why we practice kungfu, which surpasses chi kung. In our law abiding society, we seldom use our kungfu for combat, but it gives us more health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

You will find that many personal and professional things that you have let slide and have put off for years, you will be able to do them much better and for far shorter time. You will find everyday peaceful and joyful.

Reproduced from April 2020 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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