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Chi flow


This presents a great problem within me. I have an unhealthy family and want to do my part to help bring health to them, and they would be willing. Many internal exercises seem to be of great benefit, yet I don't know who to trust or what is safe. I trust you sir because you are kind to answer questions, and because of your reputation and testimonials. I would be very grateful for some answers and would pay money just to be able to talk to someone like you sir.

-- Bradley, USA


Different masters and different schools hold different philosophies as well as practice different levels of chi kung.

There is no doubt that practicing chi kung brings good health, vitality and longevity. High level chi kung, understandably, brings better result and in a shorter time than low level chi kung.

However, much of chi kung practiced today has been so debased that they are no longer chi kung, which is an internal art, although it is still known by this name. It has become a sort of gentle physical exercise without internal aspects.

Often the instructors teaching these gentle physical exercises do not realize it, and honestly think they are teaching chi kung. A crucial difference is that genuine chi kung works on energy, whereas gentle physical exercise works only on the physical body, such as joints and muscles. If the art does not work on energy, even though the forms or patterns are genuine chi kung forms, then it is not chi kung.

A good approach to benefit from chi kung practice is firstly to have some knowledge of what chi kung is. Next, define your aims and objectives in wanting to practice chi kung. Then find the best available teacher who can help you to realize your aims and objectives at a price you can afford, and learn from him. Then comes the part that takes up the most time and effort, but it is probably also the most rewarding. Practice consistently and regularly what the teacher has taught you — not the way you think chi kung should be practiced. Periodically review your progress or otherwise with reference to your set aims and objectives.

You need not pay me money for my advice, irrespectively of whether you will learn from me. I am glad I can be of some help.

Reproduced from June 2006 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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