Wuji Stance

Standing upright


One thing that has troubled me greatly is what the author says that one should not move energy around with visualization or thoughts because it can cause brain damage and schizophrenia and he calls it "disintegration into evil". This troubles me greatly.

-- Bradley, USA


The author's warning is valid but you need not be troubled by it.

The exercises the master has described are elementary, and are perfectly safe to be practiced on your own if you follow his instructions. Using visualization and moving energy about are advanced skills, which should be learned personally from a master.

If a student practicing on his own attempts to use advanced chi kung skills like visualization and moving energy despite warning from the master, the student is asking for trouble. If the student performs the exercises according to the master's instruction, and even if the student sometimes makes mistakes due to carelessness or forgetfulness, the exercises are safe and can still bring him benefits.


I feel that once I read something warning me not to do, my mind urges to do it. It is like my intent is out of balance and wants to do the things that harm me.


This is an emotional problem not uncommon with some youngsters. The problem can be overcome — if you want to.

Whenever you feel the urge to do something which you should not do, sit down if you can or stand firmly. Then breathe out three times with your mouth open wide. You need not worry about breathing in.

Next, breathe in and out gently, simultaneously thinking of your “dan tian”. If you do not know where the dan tian is, it does not matter. Just gently think of your abdomen. Then, walk away leisurely. Feel proud that you have successfully tamed your negative emotion.

Those who suffer from such a negative emotional state, should avoid situations where their negative urge, despite their normal good sense, may suddenly prove dangerous for themselves. They should not, for example, look down from an unprotected window of a very tall building, or stand at the edge of a railway plateform even when a train is not approaching.

Shaolin Wahnam students would recognize this precaution as a manifestation of the "Safety First" principle. They may overcome this negative emotional state by strengthening their "kidney chi". A good way is to practice chi kung exercises like "Pushing Mountains" and "Nourishing Kidneys".

Reproduced from June 2006 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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