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Two years ago I bought a chi kung tape. I practiced it half heartedly for about 5-7 months on and off. I found it made me feel good and healthy. I quit the practice because I learned it wasn't healthy to practice chi kung from a tape. Learning about this created a lot of fear and still does. I later started having weird experiences due to drug use. I fear the combination of chi kung and drug use created terrible imbalances within me.

— Bradley, USA


The real harm is not from the chi kung you practiced on your own, but from the fear created by yourself. In Chinese term it is known as “xin-mo” in Mandarin, or “sam-mo” in Cantonese. Literally it means “heart-monster”, and is derived from the concept of “mara” (“imaginary monster”) taught by the Buddha. You have created from your own imagination a monster in your heart.

But you can clear away this “heart-monster” in the following way. Readers of this Question-Answer series who have similar problems can also use this method which is quite safe to practice on your own.

Early in the morning go into the open. If the weather does not permit, practice the method in front of a window. Stand upright and be totally relaxed. Breathe in and out naturally, and gently be aware of your breath.

Then as you breathe out, think of the “heart-monster” or the fear in your heart going out with your breaths. Do this about 10 to 20 times.

Next, look up into the sky and think of God or a divine being you believe in. If you do not have any particular divine being, just think of the Supreme Being above. Ask God or the Supreme Being to give you strength and guidance so that you will live the day in a way He (or She) will approve of. Then breathe in and out gently for about 10 to 20 times, gently visualizing or thinking of the strength of God or the divine being flowing into you.

Repeat the procedure before you go to bed at night, but instead of asking for strength and guidance from God or the divine being, thank Him (or Her) for enabling you to live the day in a way He (or She) is proud of. Then give a blessing to anyone you like in any way you like.

The above is taken from Question 1 June 2006 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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