Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


I sent you a mail for a problem that I often experienced at night. Thanks to you, I'm Ok now.

I am a Christian. In the past I did not think of the Almighty and Jesus, but now I think of them everyday. I hope you can teach me how to grow spiritually.

I know it is a long path and may need a life time and also one must free himself from all bad habits, bad thinking, etc. I want to feel the presence of Jesus in my everyday life, to strengthen his presence, to love him as much as possible and do as much good as possible.

-- Billy, Mauritius


I am glad you have overcome your problem. Congratulations.

It is wonderful that now you think of the Almighty and Jesus, and want to grow spiritually.

Firstly, you need to know the difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual person may or may not be religious, though he usually is. Similarly a religious person may or may not be spiritual.

Spiritual means pertaining to the spirit. A spiritual person, therefore, believes he does not merely have a physical body, he also has a spirit. In fact he is the spirit. Spiritual cultivation is cultivation of this spirit.

Methods of spiritual cultivation are not exclusive to a particular religion. In other words, the same methods may be used by Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Muslims or those of any religion or no religion.

Although professing a religion is not an essential requirement for spiritual growth, professing one and understanding it well is a great help. As you are a Christian, you should study the Bible well to better understand the Almighty and Jesus.

An excellent way to feel the presence of Jesus, to strengthen his presence, to love him and to do as much good as possible is to practice his teaching, which may be summed up in two words, faith and love. Have faith in him, trust that by following his teaching you will return to the Kingdom of God. Love God, Jesus, your parents, your teachers, your friends and all people.

Where is the Kingdom of God? Jesus answers clearly in the Bible, "The Kingdom of God is in your heart." An excellent way to have a glimpse of God's Kingdom is to stand upright, be totally relaxed, close your eyes gently, and smile from your heart. As your heart opens, feel the presence of Jesus with you, and let the Grace of God flow over you. Conclude the session by giving a blessing to whoever you wish.

Practice this every morning. You will grow spiritually, and as a result you will feel free, peaceful and happy.

This article was taken from Question and Answer of Mar 2005 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers Series.


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