One-Finger Shooting Zen

One-Finger Shooting Zen


Sifu, of the many arts taught in our school, which art you would consider to be the best?

-- Sifu Barry Smale, UK


Needless to say, there are so many wonderful arts in our school that it is not easy to choose the best, and different people will have different choices.

Many students have told me that the best art in our school and anywhere is smiling from the heart. This art, learnt at the start of their career in our school, has changed their life, giving them hope and joy.

Another art that many students consider the best is chi flow. Irrespective of what illness or pain a person may have, chi flow will overcome the illness and pain! Then it gives good health, vitality and longevity.

Entering into a chi kung state of mind, or entering Zen or Tao, is another art many students consider the best in our school. It not only enhances whatever arts they practice, it also enhances whatever they do in their daily life.

These three arts, smiling from the hear, chi flow and entering into a chi kung state of mind, are marvelous. They enrich our life tremendously.

Yet, for me the best art is One-Finger Shooting Zen. My choice is historical and sentimental. It was the first art I learned that opened up a whole new world to me in kungfu, chi kung and Zen.

Despite having practiced kungfu for more than 17 years, my kungfu was still at the form level. One-Finger Shooting Zen changed all this. It gave my kungfu the backing of internal force. It also enhanced my mental clarity, a fact I realized much later.

With internal force, chi kung was no longer gentle physical exercise, and meditation not just sitting in a lotus position. This introduction to the internal art through One-Finger Shooting Zen led to the discovery and appreciation of many other chi kung and kungfu methods.

Reproduced from March 2015 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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