Bone Marrow Cleansing

Bone Marrow Cleansing


Can you please explain the benefits one can get from practicing the five levels of energy flow in Bone Marrow Cleansing?

— Sifu Anthony Spinicchia, USA


At the first level, energy flows along the skin.

The skin is the largest organ and the first defence against external attack. Energy flow at the skin level strength our wei qi, or protective energy.

It enhances blood circulation, giving us a rosy complexion, which was obvious after our practice just now, whereas better qi circulation gives us a glow.

It is an effective remedy against skin diseases. It promotes better exchange of energy between our body and the Cosmos. It makes our skin more perceptive, enhancing our sensitivity, especially at our arms.

At the second level, energy flows in the flesh or muscles. It makes us very strong. It is very good for martial art and sports.

While our skin is our first line of defence, our muscles protect our internal organs. Strong muscles also enable us to do work well.

Our muscle system is related to our gall bladder. Nourishing our muscles will strengthen our gall bladder. When our gall bladder is strong with energy, we become brave.

At the third level, energy flows in the meridians. When energy flows smoothly in our meridians we attain yin-yang harmony, which means we are healthy.

As our meridians flow to all parts of our body, it is an excellent way to clear blockage. Clearing blockage overcomes illness and pain.

When our meridians are charged with energy, we have vitality. The meridians feed energy to our dan tians, or energy fields. When a lot of energy is stored in our dan tians and our side meroidians, it provides us with a good supply of energy to flow for a long time. We have longevity.

At the fourth level, energy flows into our internal organs.

This enables us to overcome organic problems, as well as makes our organs function at their optimum.

There is a direct relationship between various organs and emotions, especially emotional problems caused in past lives. Massaging internal organs will clear such deep-rooted emotional problems.

At the fifth or deepest level, energy flows in the bone marrow.

This produces a lot of heat, which is comfortable, and is excellent for people in cold countries.

As the bone marrow flows into the brain, referred to as the sea of bone marrow, this enables the brain to function more effectively.

When there is a lot of energy in the bones, a person becomes upright physically as well as morally.

A practitioner can produce a lot of energy at the bone marrow level. This enables him to employ the tremendous energy to expand spiritually into the Cosmos.

The above is taken from Question 5 July 2013 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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