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Are they (strategies and tactics) just like aims and objectives, except they are based in combat/conflict?

— Andrew, USA


Although they are related, strategies and tactics are different from aims and objectives.

Strategies and tactics are employed to achieve aims and objectives. They can be used in combat or non-combat situations.

In the examples above, the aim is to defeat a Boxer convincingly. The objective is to kick him or strike his attacking arm when he has little or no chance to defend himself.

You can use strategies and tactics in non-combat situations. Let us say you want to court a girl and eventually to marry her. First of all you must ensure she is available, i.e. she is not already married, is engaged, or already has a boyfriend.

If you do not know her though you have her in mind, your strategy is how to know her, and then you carry on from there. If you already know her, your strategy is how to court her.

Here are some strategies. Continuous send her e-mails until she agrees to be friend with you. Or knock on her office or home and introduce yourself.

Normally, these are not good strategies. They will probably scare her away than enable you to know her.

Better choices are to find out if she joins any club and you be a member of that club, the places she frequents after work and you make yourself present in those places, or get someone who knows her well to introduce her to you.

Having chosen your strategy, you work out what you would do and say to her. This constitutes your tactic.

Suppose you find her frequent a particular fashion shop. When you meet her there, you won't ask, "Will you marry me?" -- at least not yet. Neither would you just look at her. Not only you have to say something, you have to continue saying something that is meaningful and interesting to her.

A good start could be "This dress is beautiful. do you like it?" This will lead to three possibilities -- she answers you, she keeps quiet, or she walks away. Just as in sparring, you have to be prepared for all the possibilities and respond accordingly.

Suppose the worst scenario happens. She walks away. Don't just stare after her. Walk along her and pleasantly say, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to annoy you." This may prompt her to reply. But if she ignores you and briskly walk away, let her go. Just in sparring, wait for another opportunity.

If you use strategies and tactics, you chance of success in marrying a wife, or in any worthwhile endeavour, is much enhanced. In sparring you may try out strategies and tactics just for fun. But not in marriage, it is a serious matter, although there is also a lot of fun. Once she marries you, you must make sure you will be a very good husband to her for life.

The above is taken from Question 6 November 2012 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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