Intensive Kungfu Course 2019

Intensive Kungfu Course 2019

Question 1

I'm Montse Montero Pineiro, one of your students who attended the Shaolin Kung Fu Intensive course last December 2019.

I want to thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful arts that you transmit to us, your great patience, your kindness and your understanding. I feel very blessed.

— Montse, Canada


The "Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course" is very important. It provides the foundation for development in kungfu or any Shaolin arts.

I would like to share with you a saying that "being accomplished in the Shaolin arts is better than changing stone to gold by touch." At first I thought it was exaggerated, but gradually I found it was true.

Question 2

I'm writing to you is to consult you regarding a fertility issue, for which you very kindly recommended me "Pushing Mountains" before the Intensive Chi Kung course in 2014 in Malaysia.


While "Pushing Mountain" is a very good exercise, you can now progress to the Small Universe, which amongst other benefits will make you very lucky. You can start with the five parts we did, namely:

  1. Abdominal Breathing.
  2. Submerge Breathing.
  3. Long Breathing.
  4. Forceful Big Universe.
  5. Gentle Small Universe.
Or you can straight away start with Forceful Big Universe or Gentle Small Universe. I usually use Gentle Small Universe.

If you haven't learnt Small Universe, you can use Cosmic Shower or Cosmic Breathing.

Praying to Guan Yin Bodh Satt is excellent. She will certainly help you if you pray sincerely.

Happy Children

Happy children, photo taken from

Question 3

Your statement that all parents love their children has made me think a lot as I had falsely presumed previously and it would seem quite negatively that some parents did not love their children.

I am deeply sorry for I must have hurt them. Our problem is rather one of miscommunication.

— Name and Country Withheld


I am very happy of your response. It is one of the happiest moments for me.

Yes, all parents love their children, irrespective of whether they are wealthy or poor. It is often just a matter of miscommunication.

Parents don't care about the financial situations of their children. They just want the children to visit them once a while, and to talk to them. You are indeed very lucky to have your parents. You must make them very proud of you.

Question 4

What is the difference between "Tai Chi" and "Tai Chi Chuan"?

— Adam, France


"Tai Chi" is a philosophical concept, whereas "Tai Chi Chuan" is a Chinese martial art. In the Romanized Chinese language, "Tai Chi" is written as "Taiji" and "Tai Chi Chuan" as "Taijiquan".

"Tai Chi" means the Cosmos. It is often represented as a symbol with yin and yang, and is popular in martial arts, feng shui (which is geomancy using energy of the environment) and Taoism. There are many styles of Chinese martial art, one of the most famous is Wudang Taijiquan, which is the oldest of the various styles of Taijiquan; Chen Style Taijiquan, which is popular in China; and Yang Style Taijiquan, which is popular outside China.

Many people who practice "Tai Chi Chuan" often shortened the term to "Tai Chi". Originally "Tai Chi Chuan" was famous for internal force and combat application, but there is nothing internal and nothing martial in the "Tai Chi" practiced today.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a wonderful internal martial art

Question 5

I recently stumbled upon a video about traditional Chinese martial arts and was wondering if what the narrator and interviewee were saying were true and valid. The interviewee seems to be knowledgeable about their art; however, they do not really show any substantial footage of sparring.

It was interesting what the narrator said when he met his master. He said something like this: "I was a young man have trained diligently in the martial arts. The master was old, and I could beat him easily." But when they sparred, the young man was treated like a child by the old master.

— Chris, India


What your showed in the video was true and valid. It is customary that in the internal martial arts the narrator and interviewees seldom spar so as to keep the secrets of the arts. Even if they sparred, you might not understand what was explained as you were unable to perform what they did.

I am a freak as I explain the secrets openly, as I realize that if you don't know the secrets it would be difficult to appreciate the greatness and glory of the Chinese martial art, which was the main aim of why I travelled extensively.

Most people, especially Westerners, could not understand internal force. They reasoned from external strength that they had to tense their muscles to create mass. But internal force is different. The more you are relaxed and are focused, the better is the flow of internal force. You need to learn the skills of internal force from a master willing to teach you, and most masters are unwilling to teach.

Another important factor is that internal arts are not just for health but for daily life. Internal force greatly contributes to good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and being peaceful and happy. Most people, however, practice only the techniques of chi kung and kungfu, thinking wrongly that if they know the techniques they will eventually develop what chi kung and kungfu will give. They have to learn the skills, which are more important than the techniques.

Question 6

I'm training the Dragon Strength Chi Circulation Set. My intention was to improve my stamina and breathing skills, which were accomplished very well, but the training turned to be an in depth journey through this marvelous set.

I'm also practicing and studying in depth the Essence of Shaolin Set to improve combat efficiency. It is a very special Set and it's a rare privilege to be able to practice it.

Small and Big Universe are also an important practice for my kung fu. I practice them every day, specially the Small Universe as you recommended me.

— Sifu Angel de Castro Encinas, Shaolin Wahnam Puerto Rico


The Dragon Strength Chi Circulation Set is wonderful. You can use it to develop any form of internal force, ranging from the very flowing like Wudang Kungfu to the very consolidated like Iron Wire.

The Essence of Shaolin is marvelous, bringing us to the marvelous level that even genuine masters may not reach. I didn't use the marvelous level in my sparring. The ordinary level is sufficient, enabling me to defeat professional fighters and masters.

You need only about three combat sequences at the marvelous levels. Train them very well, but use them only when necessary. Usually it is not necessary. You can defeat masters and professional fighters using ordinary levels.

Now I practice the Small Universe almost every day. It gives us good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys, and makes us very lucky.

Dragon Strength

Dragon Strength

Question 7

I read that Sigung Ho Fatt Nam used to sit and practice "closing eyes to nourish shen" at night instead of lying down and sleeping like everyone else. So does this mean that he never used to lie down? Is this really possible? Have you tried this?

— Bala, India


My sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, did not sleep in his later years. He might have slept in his younger days.

When I was re-writing my book, "The Complete Book of Shaolin", I did not sleep for about a month. I was then still teaching in a school.

I came back from school at about 3.00 pm (as we still have two sessions of schooling in my country), and worked right to about 6.00 am the next day. I had a few minutes of meditation, and then went to school again in the morning.

Question 8

Are there any other patterns in the set beside "Dragon Shows Majesty" that especially lend themselves to practise exploding dragon force from the whole body in contrast to exploding it with, for example, the palm? Are there any tests to verify this kind of force without a training partner?

— Dr Steffen, Germany


Dragon Strength is one of the best sets in all of genuine kungfu. As you know very well, it is my specialty.

"Dragon Shows Majesty" is one of best patterns in any kungfu set. The pattern can be used to explode any form of force, ranging from Yang Style Taijiquan to Iron Wire, and is excellent for Dragon Strength where Dragon Force can be exploded at any part of the body.

An excellent pattern to generate Dragon force is "Embracing the Sun", i.e. Patterns 1 to 4 in Dragon Strength Circulation Chi Set -- Picture Series. Indeed any pattern in that webpage is very good. Many uninitiated people may find them merely decorative.

To verify this force it is best to test it with a living partner. You must remember to ask your partners to perform "Lifting the Sky" immediately after the verification, and to make sure they don't have any pain afterwards. Without living partners, you need to progress gradually. You can be certain of the force when you feel involuntary vibrations at your fingers.

You don't need many years to have gradual progress if you train every day. With our unbelievable result, one year of training is quite sufficient.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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