Push Boat According to Flow

"Push Boat According to Flow" is an important Taijiquan qin-na technique though many people may not know it

Question 1

I remember you saying many times that there is a wealth of Qin Na (Chin Na) techniques within Taijiquan and that you might teach them one day. Whatever books you write about in future, I will look forward to reading them.

— Robin, England


There is much qin-na in Taijiquan. But I feel that the gist of qin-na is in Shaolin Kungfu. There is an art called the 72 Techniques of Shaolin Qin-Na. There are of course different versions, and I have a set of 72 techniques at
  1. History and Philosophy of Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Techniques
  2. Kungfu Sets of Shaolin Chin-Na Techniques
  3. 72 Sequences of Shaolin Chin-Na
When I mentioned that you were (and of course still are) very good at writing, I meant it. You are one of the best in Taijiquan, and it would be a great pity if you don't leave something for posterity.

For some reasons, those who have books in their names are regarded as authorities. You should write something about Taijiquan.

Question 2

Thank you for your kind and wise words in your previous email. I'm forever grateful for the privilege of calling you Sifu and the countless generous teachings you share with me.

— Sifu Chris Didyk, Shaolin Wahnam USA


It is very important to forgive. We have to forgive others and ourselves if we think we have wronged ourselves. Christina, your wife, wrote a very impressive article on forgiveness.

Swimming Dragon Plays with Water

Swimming Dragon Plays with Water

Question 3

This is a bit of a weird question, but I wouldn't want to miss out on asking you.

During some courses, when you were talking about certain very deep topics and transmitting to us, my vision changed, as if my vision was broader but very focused, and I saw you as a dragon or something like that. I mean your appearance changed to something different than the usual form of you. As if it were a very strong and powerful part of your presence showing, very bright and vibrant.

— Paz, Spain


You and Angel are not only some of my proudest students, your mind is expanding and this is not many proud students achieve. Not only you can see through time and space, you can see past lives.

I believe I was once a dragon. That is why one of my favourite patterns is "Swimming Dragon Plays with Water", which is used for "dim mark". But I rarely used it. Because of my skills I can beat masters and professional fighters.

Question 4

When I was a little girl, I felt things that other people didn't and was very scared, especially at night. So, I imagined or visualized myself in a large golden or yellow sphere that protected me, which sometimes increased in size to include my loved ones.

I was surprised the first time I heard you talk about something similar in a course, because it brought back these memories of what I did as a child and that I had forgotten with time.

Is that sphere somehow related to the Golden Bell? It seems to me that the Golden Bell is internal, whereas the sphere of protection is external. Is it valid to use the sphere against possible psychic attacks or sick people?


This was a manifestation of your abilities. You can see through time and space, and past lives.

Golden light is the best type of energy. It is very good energy for protection.

Your idea of a golden ball is quite different from Golden Bell. Golden Bell is internal; it radiates protection and energy from inside out, and is for the protection of individuals.

Your sphere of protection is also internal. It protects yourself, your loved ones and whoever you want to protect when they get inside your ball of protection. It protects against all attacks, including psychic attack and sick people.

The Small Universe. Paz is at the left in the front row.

Question 5

I recently got a rumor that my father's girlfriend has negative witchcraft attempts. I'm not sure and I like to think that it's not true, but if it were true, would my daily chi kung practice keep me protected?


Your daily chi kung practice will keep you protected as well as gives you good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys. When you practice your daily chi kung, as well as kungfu, you will be much protected. You will have "hou yun qi" in Chinese, or "good circulation of energy" or being lucky in English, and evil energy will not be able to come in.

It is good to think of good thoughts. It can influence your father's girlfriend to negate her witchcraft attempts if she has any.

Practicing chi kung is one of the best things anyone can ever do. But genuine chi kung is very rare. Most people practice gentle physical exercise, and they don't know about it

Question 6

Sifu, do you think it is a good action to donate organs in the event of a fatal accident?


Personally, I don't think it is a good action to donate organs. This is because different people have different organs, and it may cause personal disturbances. But if you feel such action is good, you can do so.

Uncle Righteousness

Sifu Lai Chin Wah, better known as Uncle Rightusness

Question 7

I have been practicing the Small Universe in the morning and Flicking Fingers at night almost every day and I feel wonderful!


The Small Universe and Flicking Fingers are wonderful exercises. They should be practiced by advanced practitioners, and of course you are advanced, and these exercises are excellent for you. Beginners should practice Eighteen Jewels, Five-Animal Play and Eighteen Lohan Hands.

Genuine chi kung is very rare. Most people practice gentle physical exercise and they don't realize it.

Firstly, we need to know whether it is genuine chi kung. Genuine chi kung has energy flow, i.e. a practitioner is able to generate his energy flow consciously. Usually it takes a long time to generate an energy flow, and most practitioners are not conscious of it. In other words, most chi kung is of a low level.

That is the reason why most chi kung practitioners are unaware that they only practice gentle physical exercise. They think that if they practice chi kung techniques, but not skills, long enough, they can have an energy flow which they are not conscious of.

Ours is very high-level chi kung. People who come to my intensive courses have an energy flow within the first hour.

Question 8

I really want to thank you for everything. It is an honor to be your student and to have the privilege of learning such beneficial and splendorous arts from you. I feel immense gratitude to you and to the kind and wise masters of the past.


That is why "those who are accomplished in the Shaolin arts are better than changing stones to gold by touch". There are many rich and famous people in the world, but they are not happy.

You and Angel are happy. You have good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of where you are. I am very happy that I can share these wonderful benefits with deserving students.

Our school is called Shaolin Wahnam. We teach the Shaolin arts which have been passed down through generations. Many other people also teach the Shaolin arts, but they only perform gentle physical exercise and they cannot use their kungfu for combat.

Wahnam is named after Sifu Lai Chin Wah and Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, the two teachers of the four who have influenced me the most. Sifu Lai Chin Wah was more well known as Uncle Righteousness, and Sifu Ho Fatt Nam was the third-generation successor of the famous Shaolin Monastery.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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