Intensive Chi Kung Course

An Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah

Question 1

To be a certified chi kung instructor, what course do I need to attend with Sifu Wong?

— Sourabh, India


We do not have a special course to train instructors. Instructors are selected from our students who have good character and a high attainment of the art.

All our chi kung, Shaolin and Taijiquan instructors have respectively attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course, Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course and Intensive Taijiquan Course. However, attending such courses does not warrant a student to be an instructor.

Question 2

I went through some example of videos on your website for an Intensive Chi Kung Course. May I know why the other 15 techniques of 18 Lohan Hands are not taught in this course?

Also, can you please update the day 2 video? It doesn't play after time 04.00.


An analogy with cars will be helpful to explain whey 3 exercises out of 18 from the Eighteen Lohan Hands are chosen to be taught at the Intensive Chi Kung Course. There are many brands of cars, but if a person can drive 3 brands of cars well, he can drive any brand of cars.

It is the same with chi kung. The important point in chi kung is not the techniques but the skills. The three exercises are chosen because they teach certain chi kung skills very well.

I have just checked the video you mentioned. It is fine. I believe it could be the fault of internet reception.

Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon

Question 3

Should the three exercises "Lifting the sky", "Pushing Mountain" and "Carrying the Moon" be given equal time or some exercise should be done for more time? The purpose is to be healed from piles and constipation. And are there any other exercises recommended to be done before or after these three? Or, are these three sufficient themselves?


It does not matter whether you practice any one of them, any two or all the three. It does not matter you give more time to one than another, just follow the three golden rules of practice, which are not to worry, not to intellectualize and to enjoy your practice.

It is not necessary to add any other exercises before or after your practice, unless you are also trained in them. The three exercises are more than enough. You should practice for about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening or at night.

It is very simple. Don't make things difficult.

By the way, I presume you have attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Just follow the three golden rules. If you haven't attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course or haven't learnt from one of our certified instructors, it really does not matter what you practice, and how long you practice, you will just be doing gentle physical exercise which does not contribute to your health, vitality and longevity.

Let us take swimming as an analogy. If you have the skills of swimming, it does not matter whether you use crawl, breast strokes or butterfly, and it does not matter you swim for 5 minutes or 3 hours. It also does not matter whether you do other things before or after you swim. These other things are not necessary for your swimming. But if you don't have the skills, you just can't swim.

It is the same with chi kung. It needs skills to practice chi kung. Learning chi kung techniques from a book or a video, like learning swimming techniques, or learning from incompetent instructors, does not enable you to practice chi kung or swimming.

Question 4

I don't know if it is because of my years of chi kung training or maybe if my body is out of balance. When I touch something that is metal I get some electric flash from my fingers and it even sounds like a little lightning. When I touch my amplifier the music or movie that I am listening and watching in my computer stop! When I clean my teeth I get electricity in my mouth when I touch water!

Please Sifu do you know how I can avoid or stop this electric stuff from my fingers. Sometimes it feels unpleasant and I wonder if it is going to be dangerous in the future if this problem gets bigger,

— Hugo, Germany


Your problem is not uncommon among some of our students. It is due to your chi kung training and not because your body is out of balance. It won't become dangerous.

I myself had this problem years ago. When I touched the metal handle of a car door wanting to open it, I felt some electric shock. It was unpleasant, but the problem went away on its own after some time.

The problem is due to an increase of chi in your body. A good way to avoid the problem is to have a gentle chi flow. The chi flow will flush out the electric shock.

Another way is to be cautious when you are about in contact with metallic material. First touch the material gently. If you feel any electric shock, breathe out and generate a chi flow.

chi flow

Chi flow is known since ancient time as essential for life, but it is seldom as vigorous as in our school

Question 5

What are the most useful methods to enter into a chi kung state of mind that people can practice?

— Sifu Tim Franklin, Shaolin Wahnam UK


The most useful method is to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Learning from any of our certified instructors is also a very good method.

Question 6

What are the earliest records in the classics of using chi flow as a method for clearing illness, increasing vitality and longevity?


The earliest record in the classics of using chi flow to overcome illness, and increase vitality and longevity was in Huang Di Nei Jing, or the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor, reputed to be over 5000 years old.

Some scholars, however, believed that the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor was written much later.

It is well known in traditional Chinese medicine that "if chi is flowing harmoniously in all meridians, wherefore can illness occur?" This clearly shows that good health, which is natural, is the result of harmonious chi flow.

chi kung state of mind

Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind

Question 7

When did this aspect of the art appear to become lost or hidden?


This aspect is never lost. All properly trained traditional Chinese medical practitioners know that if chi is flowing smoothly, illness cannot occur. It means that if the chi flow is blocked, illness will occur. The treatment of all Chinese medicine, regardless of whether it is herbal medicine, acupuncture, chi kung therapy, or external medicine, is to clear energy blockage.

However, this fact may not be well known by mediocre traditional Chinese medical practitioners, especially in the West. This fact is also rarely known by mediocre chi kung practitioners.

Question 8

And why did and do some schools of chi kung not advocate chi flow, and sometimes advise against it?


It is because they did not, and do not understand that chi flow is the essence of chi kung.

The chi flow in most schools of genuine chi kung, and they are rare now, is unlike the chi flow in our school. Their chi flow is much less, and inside practitioners' body, usually not visible from outside.

Sometimes, some schools advise against chi flow because they do not know the significance of chi flow, and are afraid that practitioners may lose control of themselves.

Strictly speaking, most of chi kung practitioners today do not really practice chi kung; they practice gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques, just like many Taiji practitioners practice Taiji dance using Taijiquan techniques. Many of them honestly do not realize this fact.

Many modern practitioners do not even know what chi is because they never have any experience of chi. If they have experienced chi, they will know what chi is, just like if they have eaten a durian, they will know what a durian is.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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