January to June 2016

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January 2016 Part 1

Holistic Health Cultivation Centre

It is inspiring that you intend to have good health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and spiritual joys (irrespective of one's religion) starting at 59. Indeed many of my students over 60 told me that they were healthier and fitter than they were at 30.

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January 2016 Part 2

chi kug, qigong

More than 80% of chi kung practitioners practice chi kung techniques as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung which is energy exercise. Hence, they get benefits of gentle physical exercise like loosening joints and muscles, and not chi kung benefits like overcoming pain and illness, and getting good health, vitality and longevity.

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January 2016 Part 3

The Way of the Master

"The Way of the Master" is my autobiography, and has been kindly described by the editor as the real story of a small boy becoming a world legend. Interestingly, it is also the most entertaining book I like to read. Readers will not only have much reading pleasure, but also learn many useful lessons that can enrich their daily life.

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February 2016 Part 1

chi kung

Life is a meaningful flow of energy. When the energy is blocked, it results in pain and illness. When the blockage is cleared, good health, which is natural, is restored.

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February 2016 Part 2

kungfu combat

Of course one should avoid being hit altogether. That is the main purpose of practicing an art of self-defence. That is also the main reason why I said people who freely exchanged blows in free sparring were not learning a martial art though they thought they did.

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February 2016 Part 3

Pushing Mountain

Many people think, wrongly, that sick people should practice powerful chi kung to get well quickly. A useful image to keep in mind is as follows. Teaching sick people powerful chi kung is like asking them to run marathons or lift heavy weights.

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March 2016 Part 1

Zhang San Feng Set

The discoveries and aha experiences occurred mostly not during the compostion of the San Feng Wudang Set, not even during the reconstruction of Wudang Taijiquan from which the San Feng Set derived, but from the time I first practiced Taijiquan.

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March 2016 Part 2


We don't have to rotate our waist when exploding force in Xingyiquan, though we have to do si in Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan. This is because Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan on one hand, and Xingyiquan on the other employ different mechanics in exploding force.

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March 2016 Part 3


As some of our instructors and students have rightly commented, our school is a treasure house of all types of kungfu and chi kung. My articles reveal secrets that masters reserve only for their selected students. My videos reveal secrets hidden in the open.

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April 2016 Part 1

chi kung

While many masters teach their best arts to their selected students after the students have spent many years with them, we teach every student the best arts right at the beginning.

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April 2016 Part 2


It is energy flow that gives the benefit of chi kung, not the techniques he performs. For example,

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April 2016 Part 3

kungfu sparring

It may be a surprise to many people to say that I consider gratitude to be the making of a master.

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May 2016 Part 1

kungfu sparring

Circular against straight is not just for defence; it may be used in attack. When you throw a big opponent onto the ground using Carry Tiger Back to Mountain, for example, you apply circular against straight by rotating your waist after off-balancing him.

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May 2016 Part 2

Asking Bridge

The Flowing Water Staff was the legacy of my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. He remained undefeated in combat, including weapon combat, though he was challenged by many masters.

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May 2016 Part 3

Dragon Strength

Four special skills were outstanding at the Dragon Strength Course -- dragon speed, dragon force, dim mark and various ways to develop internal force using the Dragon Strength Set. The Black Tortoise method is only one of numerous ways to develop internal force. I am glad that you have accomplished it.

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June 2016 Part 1

kungfu sparring

The world, and all the people and events in it, and all the divine beings that people normally do not see, are treating me very kindly. I am very grateful for all these blessings.

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June 2016 Part 2

Five-Animal Play

When you practice in a class with me or another instructor guiding you, you do what I or the instructor tell you, which is to your best benefit.

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June 2016 Part 3

kungfu sparring

Chinese martial arts have been so debased that most practitioners today, including some masters, cannot apply them for martial purposes. They perform genuine kungfu forms for demonstration, which is known in Chinese as "flowery fists and embroidery kicks", or use techniques from other types of martial arts, especially from Boxing and Kick-Boxing, in a generous exchange of blows and kicks without any self-defence.

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