MAY 2011 PART 1

Wong Stance

Many Taiji students develop knee injuries because of wrong stances. Do you know, for example, why the Bow-Arrow Stance shown by Grandmaster Wong above is wrong?

Question 1

In May 2010 I attended the Chi Kung course at Finale Ligure in Italy. Since then I daily practice what I learnt in that course from Sifu Wong Kiew Kit ("Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountain" and "Sinew Metamorphosis"). I practiced Tai Chi Chuan since 1992 from other teachers (Yang Style and successively Chen Style), but in the last years I began to suffer pain at the knee and the hip joint.

Since the course at Finale Ligure I stopped practicing Tai Chi Chuan and practice only Chi Kung of Shaolin Wanham Institute. It really seems that my knees and general health are getting better.

— Massimo, Italy


I am glad that you are recovering from your knee injury. Unfortunately, many Taiji practitioners suffer from knee injuries, probably because they have practiced their Taiji movements wrongly. If they bend their knees too forward, or do not rotate their knees when they move into a Bow-Arrow Stance, they may injure their knees.

Question 2

I suspect I made mistakes in my Tai Chi Chuan practice so I would like to attend an intensive course by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit.

When do you programme the Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia?

I'm not able to download the Tai Chi Chuan set, "Old Eagle Catches Snake", as you recommend before attending the Taijiquan course. Could you indicate to me the exact webpage where this is possible?


I am glad you wish to attend my Intensive Taijiquan Course. However, as I have more courses than time to offer them at present, I have not planned any Intensive Taijiquan Course yet unless many people ask for it. I shall ask my secretary to take note of your interest to attend, and inform you when I offer an Intensive Taijiquan Course.

Video clips for "Old Eagle Catches Snake" can be found at Old Eagle Catches Snake. You will also find this webpage useful.

Correct Bow-Arrow Stance

Here Grandmaster Wong shows the correct way of performing the Bow-Arrow Stance

Question 3

I' m one of your older students. I bought most of your books many years ago regarding Kung Fu, Qi Kong and Tai Chi. My latest book I purchased is Chinese Medicine.

I am running into some problems recently. I noted in your book the fact that we can't really learn advanced kung fu and chi kung methods through books, but only through a master, but in my case I have been doing some practice on the basics.

— Chris, USA


I am glad you have raised this topic of learning from books, as it will help many other people.

Unless one already has the required background knowledge and skills, it is unlikely he can learn to practice chi kung or kungfu correctly from books. He can -- in the sense of he is free to do so if he wants -- learn and practice from books, but it is likely that he will practice wrongly, and often this leads to adversed side-effects.

Despite being told, many people, without the required knowledge and skills, still learn and practice from books. Not only that, they usually choose advanced exercises, and expect to attain success in a shorter time than students learning from living teachers. They think the masters' advice not to learn from books, is not true, but is meant to entice them to learn from the masters themselves and pay fees.

People will have a clearer picture if we change the subjects "chi kung" and "kungfu", but the same principles apply. Can people learn swimming, driving or surgery from books? They can, in the sense that no one will stop them if they do, but they are unlikely to practice swimming, driving or surgery correctly, and this often leads to adversed side-effects.

Why can't one learn chi kung, kungfu, swimming, driving or surgery from books and practice correctly? It is because he may know the techniques, but lack the skills to perform the techniques correctly. Not many people appreciate or even know the difference between techniques and skills. Appreciating the difference not only answers the current question, but also enriches our life in many ways. For example, it is not how many technique you know in your job or family relationship, but how skilfully you apply the appropriate techniques that determines the income in your job and the happiness in your family life.

Let us take an example from Abdominal Breathing in chi kung. Stand upright and be relaxed. Gently breathe in through your nose into your abdomen. You can learn the instructions easily. But you are unlikely to carry out the instructions correctly. You may not be standing upright and be relaxed though you honestly think you are doing so. You may not know how to breathe into your abdomen.

The instructions are clear and straight-forward. There are no tricks or play of words. If you ask someone who practices Abdominal Breathing correctly how to breath into the abdomen, he will honestly tell you, "I just breathe into my abdomen."

But for those who have the necessary knowledge and skills, learning from books and videos is a big bonus. In fact this is what we often do nowadays in our school. Before students attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course, for example, I ask them to learn the techniques from my videos first so that at the course they can focus on developing skills. In this way they get much more benefits.

Question 4

I have one important question regarding the Small Circulation. I have been practicing it for many years now, about 5 years or more and recently I have noticed some side-effects. I have also been practicing sitting meditation as you describe in your earlier books.


I have specifically warned readers not to practice the Small Universe and Sitting Meditation without the supervision of a competent teacher.

Abdominal Breathing

The instruction is simple: Breathe in gently into the abdominal dan tian. But not many people may do it correctly.

Question 5

Is it possible that these two techniques create abnormal side effects to the body, i.e. any physical illness, or destabilizing of physical or mental health, or blocked energy? The reason I ask is because I have been feeling sick lately and I believe it is because of blocked energy.


It is not just possible. Your sick feeling is most likely due to your practicing Abdominal Breathing or Sitting Meditation wrongly, although you know the correct techniques.

Question 6

I stopped immediately doing these exercises and went to doctors but doctors said my body was very healthy, blood tests were very good and heart and lungs were also good. But I keep feeling abnormal heart palpitations, sometimes shortness of breath, also insomnia, twitching of muscles, etc. Is it possible this is due to energy blockage?


Yours are common symptoms of wrong chi kung or kungfu practice. Yes, it is due to energy blockage.

Western doctors, in the present stage of Western medical development, will find nothing wrong with you according to Western medical paradigm and tests, although you and probably your doctors too know that something is seriously wrong.

But your problems can be overcome if you consult a good chi kung master or a good Chinese physician, like an acupuncturist or herbalist.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Participants to the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course are asked to learn the required combat sequences on their own before they attend the course

Question 7

I would like to ask for your help. Since this subject of kung fu and chi kung interests me, perhaps, you could teach me how to advance forward so I can avoid mistakes. Of course I can pay for all lessons.


Although you say you are one of my students, it appears from your e-mail that you have not learnt personally from me or any of our certified instructors. Perhaps you mean you are a student from reading my books.

All your problems will be readily overcome when you learn from me personally or any of our certified instructors. Even if you fly to Malaysia and attend an Intensive Chi Kung Course, which is open to beginners, it is cheaper than practicing on your own for five years and developing adverse side-effects. More importantly, you will have much more benefits in a much shorter time.

Question 8

One thing I noticed reading your books again is that I have not been doing the Self-Regulating Chi Flow exercises as you prescribe them in your books, so I started doing that lately.


I reckon you mean Self-Manifested Chi Movement, which is called Self-Induced Chi Flow in my earlier books.

Self-Manifested Chi Movement is a wonderful exercise for overcoming any health problems and for maintaining good health. But it must be learnt personally from a competent teacher. You are strongly advised against learning it on your own.

Question 9

I would like to ask if you can help me in any way regarding these problems. Are my signs of blocked energy and what should I do to make energy flow come back to normal? Also, if you take students to teach them advanced kung fu, chi kung and meditation, I would like to become your student, so that I can avoid any mistakes.


Yes, yours are signs of blocked energy. All you need to do is to learn personally from any of our certified instructors or from me personally.

Forget about learning advanced chi kung, kungfu or meditation at present. Get well first.

If you learn from us in Shaolin Wahnam, enroll for the most basic course, which you will probably find more advanced than what you have imagined or than what you see elsewhere. This statement may make some people angry, but it is true. See my website for my intensive courses, and for our List of Instructors.

If you learn from us, you should make your aim not just to avoid making mistakes in your practice, but to realize good health, vitality, longevity and spiritual joy.



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