Seven Stars

This was the pattern from the Seven-Star Set that Grandmaster Wong demonstrated to Sifu Robin, Sifu Mark and Sifu Markus at the UK Summer Camp 2010. Can you guess what is so profound about its combat application?

Question 1

I've read that Sigung Ho learned the Seven Stars Set from the wife of the Northern Style Shaolin Kungfu master who also practiced the art of lightness. You mentioned that this set was good for comparatively small people versus comparatively larger people. Is there any more you could say about this set? Is it something you've considered teaching at all?

— Alex, USA


This Seven Stars Set came with two interesting stories.

Just as my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, started to teach me this Seven Stars Set, he asked me, "How would a dainty lady block the ferocious sweeping kicks of a powerful Muay Thai fighter?"

It was meant to be a rhetoric question. Before I could answer, my sifu continued, "If she tries to block the kicks, as often shown in some kungfu movies where a dainty heroine fights a powerful villain, her wrists or arms or both would be broken. She should not block the kicks. She does not need to block. There are many effective counters, and this set will show some of these counters."

My sifu then told me the story of how his simu (teacher's wife) taught him this set. His sifu was teaching him the Art of Lightness, but in his ignorance he did not want to train when asked to do so. His teacher took him to the back of his house, jumped up a wall about ten feet high, scoped away some pieces of glasses on top of the wall meant to prevent burglary while doing a summersault in the air, stood on top of the wall on one leg, and jumped down onto the ground without making a noise!

My sifu was spell-bound, and beg for forgiveness for his ignorance. However his sifu believed that since my sifu refused three times, he was not fated to learn this marvelous art. His simu took pity on him and taught him the Seven-Star Set, which is excellent for a small sized person against bigger and stronger opponents.

During the UK Summer Camp 2010, I gave a little demonstration to Robin, Mark and Markus at the chalet where we stayed, and they were amazed at its beauty of forms and profundity in applications. It makes frequent use of the Seven-Star Stance, hence the name of the set. It is from Northern Shaolin and its specialty is the organ-seeking kick. It also employs the palm and the hook-grip frequently.

A few instructors have requested me to teach this special set. Yes, I shall teach it when the time is appropriate

Question 2

I suffer from premature ejaculation and I've been told by a TCM it is caused by my having very weak kidneys. I have a few books by Wong Kiew Kit, and was wondering if any of the exercises in the books are enough to cure my problems, and if so which ones. I was thinking of starting a daily regimen of "Lifting the Sky", "Carrying the Moon", "Nourishing Kidneys", "Hula Hoop", and finishing with sitting meditation. Would this work?

— Steve, USA


Your Chinese doctor is right in saying that your premature ejaculation is due to your very weak kidneys.

Practicing high-level chi kung is excellent for overcoming your health problem.

It is not what exercises you practice but how you practice them that is important. In other words it is the skills of performing chi kung and not just chi kung techniques that is crucial in helping you overcome premature ejaculation. You should learn the skills personally from a competent teacher.

A good way to test whether you have the required skills is whether you can generate an energy flow. You will know what it means when you are able to do so, just like you will know what "eating a mango" means whey you are actually eating a mango.

When you have the skills, any one or more exercises from my books will be effective, though "Nourishing Kidneys" is the best choice.

However, if you lack the skills, whatever exercises you practice, including the ones you mentioned, will not enable you to overcome premature ejaculation.

You should leave out Sitting Meditation. It should be learnt personally from a competent teacher.

Nourishing Kidneys

"Nourishing Kidneys" is one of chi kung exercises in the legendary Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands

Question 3

I have been performing spontaneous chi kung induced by "Lifting the Sky" for 9 months on my own. But for the last few days I have had some problems.

I perform chi flow after "Lifting the Sky" for 20 times. I smile from the heart, relax and let go. My body starts to move vigorously. I have intense movements with my back and neck, and spontaneous breathing patterns. I sometimes have headache at the back of the head. And I have stiff neck, probably from my nervous tension.

— Denas, Lithuania


If you can generate an energy flow by practicing on your own, you have done well. Many chi kung practitioners do not have any chi flow even when they have practiced for many years.

Your headache was due to your tensing your muscles or intellectualizing while having vigorous chi flow. It could also be due to cleansing some blockage logged in you for some time. Remember to keep your mouth open during chi flow. You need not worry about your breathing, but sometimes you may breathe out if you like. Don't worry about breathing in.

It is not advisable to have vigorous chi flow if you practice on your own. Keep your chi flow gentle.

Question 4

After a week or more when I performed induced chi flow for 25 minutes I felt very good with some internal force. But the other day I woke up with headache, sore throat and cough and fever. These flu like symptoms were new to me, I have not been ill for 2 years. However these symptoms disappeared after 4 days when I stopped practice.

Then I started to perform spontaneous chi kung again. And now, after performing chi flow for 4 days for 15 minutes a session I have headache and fever again. But this time without sore throat or cough.


It is remarkable that you could develop internal force on your own. Even many martial art teachers do not believe in internal force mainly because they have never experienced it.

It was likely that you were infected with some viruses. Without chi kung, you would be far worse. You should consult a doctor. In your case as you learn on your own, it is recommended that you stop your chi kung training for the time being when you take medication.

Flower Set

This is an important technique in the famous Shaolin Flower Set for developing internal force. Internal force is not just for martial arts. More significantly it is for enriching our lives.

Question 5

I think there could be a possibility that I caught a virus as I like to go into a forest to practice chi kung. How is it possible to have fever after spontaneous chi kung practice? Is it cleansing side effect or incorrect practice? Should I stop practice until I feel better?


It is not advisable to practice in a forest as your chi flow could disturb some nature spirits around.

I believe your fever was not due to cleansing effect or incorrect practice. It was probably due to some viruses. Although you had some unpleasant symptoms, your chi kung practice had prevented you from being very sick.

Yes, you should stop your chi kung practice until you become better. Meanwhile consult a doctor.

Question 6

But I don't know what to do in case of viral infection. Does induced chi flow help with virus? I am a little afraid about this issue.


High-level chi kung can overcome viral infections. Indeed many of our students overcame viral infections which their doctors previously told them were incurable.

Nevertheless, even when Western medicine today does not cure viral infections directly, one should see a doctor when you are infected. The doctor's treatment will overcome harmful bacteria that are also present and provide the patient with an ideal condition so that his own self-resitence can overcome the viral infection more quickly and surely. It makes a big difference.

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Course participants enperiencing a spiritual expansion during an Intensive Chi Kung Course

Question 7

Can I perform smiling from the heart and relaxation meditation? Could it be helpful to me?


Yes, you can perform them. They are helpful to you. Do so gently. The more gentle your practice is, the better will be the results.

Question 8

I am saving money for your Intensive Chi Kung course and hope to see you some time.


Like many people who have attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course, you may find it a life-changing experience.



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