July to December 2002

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July 2002

July 2002 (Part 1)

self-manifested chi movement

Many people want to work hard to earn a lot of money so that they can make their parents comfortable. They want to buy their parents expensive gifts or send them for holidays. In their busy schedule they often forget about their parents. What their parents want are not expensive gifts or comfortable lives. All they want is to have their children visit them often, hold their hands and talk to them.

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July 2002 (Part 2)

Sifu Ku Ru Zhang’s Iron Palm

Internal power is self-explanatory. It is the power that comes from inside, i.e. from essence, energy and mind, as opposed to power that comes from outside, i.e. from muscles and speed. However, to those who have no experience of internal power, all these are hollow words.

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July 2002 (Part 3)

combat application of Taijiquan

It is natural to be free and happy because the Original State is freedom and happiness. The Original State is also called Buddha Nature. In Western terms it is called God. In prosaic terms it is the undifferentiated universal spread of energy.

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August 2002

August 2002 (Part 1)

Shaolin Kungfu

Yet, training of genuine Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan leads to a mastery of life. These arts make the practitioner fit and healthy, provide abundant energy and vitality, promote mental freshness and inner peace, and teach a code of high moral living so that the practitioners can get the best result and happiness from their daily work and play. These are not merely hollow words. Students practicing genuine Shaolin or Taijiquan actually feel vitality, mental clarity and a sense of joy and peace during the training itself.

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August 2002 (Part 2)

Complete Book of Shaolin

Here is one inspiring and fulfilling story from the book. After rolling bamboo for three years, the student asked his master when he could be taught kungfu. "You can pack your things and go home," the master said. The student was astonished. He knelt and apologized for his rashness. The master said, "I have taught you Shaolin Kungfu, and you have done remarkably well. Go home, your parents are waiting for you. Have mercy on your opponent if ever you have to use your kungfu on them."

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August 2002 (Part 3)

The Master Answers

What are the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan? Briefly, the many benefits may be classified into three levels. At the first level, you have balance, elegance, good health and vitality. At the second level, you have courage, righteousness and combat efficiency. At the highest level, you have joy, inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

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September 2002

September 2002 (Part 1)

Guan Yin Bodh Satt

Many people would be very surprised, for example, to find out that virtually all the great discoveries in modern science, ranging from Galileo's bold exclamation that our earth is not the centre of the universe to quantum physicists' assertion that there the so-call external world has no objective reality, including all the mysteries of mind and atom and multi-dimensional universe, have been described in some details in ancient Buddhist texts! The Diamond Sutra, for instance, explains why cosmic reality is devoid of all phenomena -- a concept our latest scientists are only beginning to realize.

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September 2002 (Part 2)

Taijiquan combat

In kungfu we do not just learn how to fight, or worse still to perform to please spectators. We learn and cherish many ideals, one of which is to repay kindness with kindness, not to think how much we can get out from this old man while he is still available. Your master has treated you like his son. The least you can do is to be kind to him.

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September 2002 (Part 3)

Wudang Sword

But one must note that being gentle is not necessarily being without force. It is interesting that in Taijiquan, the more gentle you are, the more forceful you become. This is something many people would not understand and therefore would not believe. But if you examine Taijiquan classics, all established masters have said this. More significantly, virtually all those who have attended my Taijiquan courses and classes have direct experience of this remarkable phenomenon.

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October 2002

October 2002 (Part 1)

Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

Yin-yang harmony is very important and it is expressed in many years. You must cultivate not just your body or just your spirit, but both. If you are highly spiritual but weak physically, or an accomplished sportman but have no spiritual awareness, your cultivation is incomplete. If you do very well in university but badly in your profession, or if you are very successful in public but lead a miserable family life, then you lack yin-yang harmony.

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October 2002 (Part 2)

kungfu form

A main reason for their lack of achievement is their lack of vision and direction in their training. They do not really know what they want to achieve in their training, consequently they do not know where they are going.

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October 2002 (Part 3)

Golden Bell

How would one determine whether what is taught is genuine traditional Shaolin Kungfu? I would suggest four criteria. One, the forms must be Shaolin. Two, there should be internal force training. Three, students must be taught and be able to use Shaolin forms for combat. Four, there should be spiritual cultivation.

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November 2002

November 2002 (Part 1)

Demonstration of Chi

When one understands kungfu philosophy regarding combat, he will not be surprised why no injury is sustained during training, including sparring. In traditional kungfu philosophy, we understand that even one blow can kill. Hence, in sparring, which is an essential aspect of kungfu training to enable us to defend ourselves, we are not to be hit even once. In the past, kungfu sparring often involved weapons, and just one slash of a kungfu knife or one pierce of a spear could kill.

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November 2002 (Part 2)

Shaolin Kungfu

Books come in great varieties. Some books are written to entertain, some to instruct, some to record in an arcane manner, and a few to spread rubbish.

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November 2002 (Part 3)

Taijiquan Combat Application

My teaching of kungfu does not have anything to do with religion, but it has a lot to do with spiritual cultivation, besides good health and combat efficiency.

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December 2002

December 2002 (Part 1)

Wudang Sword

Yes, those who practice so-called kungfu without combat application, like wushu or external kungfu forms, will be readily defeated by boxers. This type of kungfu is the norm today. Traditional kungfu with combat application and internal force training is rare.

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December 2002 (Part 2)

Wing Choon Kungfu

It is useful to remember that as Wing Choon Kungfu is an art meant for a smaller-sized exponent against a bigger-sized opponent, it would be unwise to block a hook punch, which, as you have rightly said, is a comparatively powerful strike. Using "tan sau" to block is to make the disadvantage worse, because the "tan sau" is relatively weak against a side attack. "Tan sau", when used as a blocking technique, is usually employed against frontal attacks.

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December 2002 (Part 3)

Sifu Wong

Instead of wasting our time attempting to prove our lineage or the benefits of our arts to sceptics, we should spend our time enhancing our arts and teaching them to deserving people so that we can pass on these wonderful arts to posterity. That was the aim of the Venerable Jiang Nan, and earlier of Bodhidharma Bodhisattva.

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