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Grandmaster Wong employs the pattern "White Crane Steps on Snow" to intercept Sifu Michael's kick

What would you do if a Muay Thai fighter grips your neck and throws continuous knee jabs to your ribs? And what would you do if he strikes you with his elbows at close range? Many people are quite helpless when faced with such ferocious attacks.

There are many counters in Tantui against these attacks, and this video series shows some of them. Some of the Tantui leg techniques are profound and fascinating. They are, however, quite unlike the kicking techniques in other martial arts. They are hidden in this and other video series. Course participants may be able to spot them.

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tantui Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle

Sifu Michael Chow attacks with a right thrust punch using a left Bow-Arrow Stance. Grandmaster Wong brushes away the punch with a right hook-hand, pulls Sifu Michael down with a left hook-hand, and strike his ribs with the left knee, using a Shaolin pattern known as “Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle”, which is similar to the knee-jab popularly used in Muay Thai.

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tantui Hook and Thrust

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates a counter against the knee-jab. The counter movements are quite complex and requires much skill to execute. The exponent can break the opponent's elbow or fell him onto the ground. Being merciful, Grandmaster Wong fells the opponent to th ground. These movements, known as hook and thrust, are found in Tantui Sequence 4.

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tantui Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger

The counter against the hook and thrust attack is quite simple. Sifu Michael counters with "Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger", which is a very versatile pattern of many combat functions. Can you remember these functions. Grandmaster Wong hooks away the kick, but Sifu Michael turns around and executes another kick.

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tantui Black Crow Flaps Wings

Sifu Michael attacks with a right thrust punch, but using a right Bow-Arrow Stance this time. Grandmaster Wong hooks away the attack and counters with a right elbow strike, known as "Black Crow Flaps Wings" in Shaolin Kungfu. Elbow strikes, and knee strikes as shown in the previous video clip, are quite common in Muay Thai.

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tantui Counters against Muay Thai Attacks

Sifu Michael counters Grandmaster Wong's elbow strike with "lift and strike" in a relatively simple movement. Grandmaster Wong responds with double knee strikes. Grandmaster Wong's attacks here resemble those of Muay Tahi fighters. But Sifu Michael intercepts Grandmaster Wong's attack with "Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger". Sifu Michael's counters are from Taitui Sequence 5.

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tantui Waist Movement in Double Spread

Grandmaster Wong initiates with a "Horse Riding Level Punch", which is called "Precious Duck Swims Through Lotus" in Southern Shaolin. Sifu Michael grips Grandmaster Wong's arm with both hands. Grandmaster Wong counters with "Double Spread", which is Tantui Sequence 6. Good stance and waist movement are necessary.

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tantui Some Fascinating Shaolin Leg Techniques

This short video clip should remind course participants of some fascinating Shaolin leg techniques, which are hidden in the open here. When Sifu Michael uses "Double Spread" to counter Grandmaster Wong's grip, Grandmaster Wong counters with a side-kick. Sifu Michael hooks away the side-kick and counter with a snap kick. Grandmaster Wong intercepts the snap kick with his foot, applying the Shaolin pattern "White Crane Steps on Snow".

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Counters against Elbow and Knee Strikes from Muay Thai Fighters from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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