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Many other people may find it hard to believe and think that we say non-sense, but if you are skillful in these two combat sequences and their variations, you can handle most ordinary opponents!

In sparring after you have completed a sequence in your attack, you can continue with the same sequence or with another sequence. This is the basic from which you can have a lot of fun, and combat efficiency, with "Subtraction and Addition".

Other people may find it hard to believe, but if you just practice this "Subtraction and Addition" on the two combat sequences for a few months and become skillful, you can handle most ordinary opponents irrespective of the kungfu styles or other martial arts they practice.

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tantui Starting the Fun in Our Sparring Methodology

Grandmaster Wong initiates with Combat Sequences 1 and then continues with Combat Sequence 2. This is called “Continuation” in our sparring methodology. For convenience we call this procedure AA12. By varying the procedure, not only we can have some variey in our attack, we can also have much fun.

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tantui Variations of Attacks from the Two Sequences

Sifu Michael Chow now uses the same attack sequence, which is composed of Combat Sequences 1 and 2. We can proceed to other variations. Instead of the initiator continuing after the first sequence, the responder can do so.

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tantui Prerequisite for Applying Sequences

Participants practice what they have just learnt. In the foreground are David and Joe. As the main objective of this session is to familiarize themselves with the routine of the sequences, they suspend the use of force and speed. Knowing the routine well is a pre-requisite for applying the sequences in free sparring.

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tantui The Possibility of Change in Prescribed Procedure

Participants continue their practice of the “Continuation” method. In the foreground are Sifu Emiko Hsuen and David Ko, who are both former wushu international champions. In this session, Sifu Emiko follows the prescribed procedure AA12. Later she may, if she likes, change to another procedure such as AA11. As indicated in the video, at the end of the first sequence, she may sweep away the opponent's attack instead of intercepting it, and continue with Sequence 1 instead of Sequence 2.

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tantui Spontaneity and Fluidity of Movements

This video clip shows the same practice session as the previous video clip. Even within one session, there is marked improvement in the spontaneity and fluidity of movements, which is a prerequisite for combat efficiency. Sifu Emiko and David are advanced practitioners, so their rapid progress is expected, but this serves as an inspiration to students, reminding them that their performance after a month of practice should show some improvement.

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tantui Spontaneity and Fluidity of Movements

Sifu Michael Chow leads the class in performing Combat Sequences 1 and 2 in “continuation”. The form of the patterns, including that of the junior students, is reasonably good. Good pattern form is a pre-requisite for performing a sequence well. If you have not attained this, you should go back to the basics like stances and footwork, and body movement.

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We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow and Sifu Emiko Hsuen for providing these video clips

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Two Combat Sequences to Handle Most Ordinary Opponent from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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